Building the Future: Comprehensive Civil Construction and Engineering Solutions
Our company is dedicated to shaping the future through comprehensive civil construction and engineering solutions. With our expertise in construction management, structural design, and infrastructure development, we deliver projects that transform communities and drive progress.
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Integrated MEP Excellence: Total Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Solutions
Our company specializes in providing integrated Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) solutions that are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With our expertise in MEP engineering and a comprehensive range of services, we offer seamless coordination and optimal efficiency in all aspects of your building's MEP systems.
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Optimizing Water Resources: Comprehensive Water and Wastewater Management Solutions
Our company specializes in providing comprehensive water management and wastewater management solutions to help optimize the use of this valuable resource. With our expertise in hydrology, water treatment, and sustainable practices, we offer innovative solutions for water conservation, supply, and wastewater treatment.
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Efficient Power Distribution and Control: Customized Solutions for Enhanced Performance
Our company specializes in providing efficient power distribution panels and control systems solutions that optimize the performance and reliability of your electrical infrastructure. With our expertise in electrical engineering and automation, we design, manufacture, and install customized power distribution panels and control systems tailored to your specific needs.
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Empowering Sustainability and Safety: Integrated Solar Power, Lightning Protection, and Earthing Solutions
Our company is dedicated to empowering sustainability and safety through integrated solutions in solar power, lightning protection, and earthing systems. We offer comprehensive services that harness the power of solar energy, protect your infrastructure from lightning strikes, and ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical systems through effective earthing solutions.
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Connecting the World: Comprehensive Telecom Infrastructure Solutions for Seamless Communication
Our company is dedicated to connecting the world through comprehensive telecom infrastructure solutions that ensure seamless communication networks. With our expertise in telecommunications engineering and a wide range of services, we offer end-to-end solutions for designing, deploying, and maintaining robust telecom networks.
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Transforming Waste into Energy: Sustainable Waste Incineration and Waste-to-Energy Solutions
Our company is at the forefront of transforming waste into energy through innovative waste incineration and waste-to-energy solutions. With our expertise in waste management and sustainable practices, we provide comprehensive solutions for efficient waste incineration and energy recovery.
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Creating Inspiring Spaces: Innovative Interior Designing and Landscaping Solutions
Our company specializes in providing innovative interior designing and landscaping solutions that transform spaces into inspiring environments. With our expertise in interior design, architecture, and landscape architecture, we offer comprehensive services that enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability of residential and commercial spaces.
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Nurturing Growth, Harvesting Success: Unlocking the Potential of Agriculture Farming Solutions.
Our company specializes in providing innovative Agricultural Farming solutions that transform land into harvest. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge agricultural farming services designed to optimize productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in the ever-evolving world of farming.
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Construction, Engineering, Renovation, Water Supply Management, Waste Water Management Solutions and Agricultural Farming

Building Dreams, Managing Resources : Your Comprehensive Solution for Construction, Water Supply, Waste Water Management and Agricultural Farming.

Total Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Power Distribution, Cabling, Cable Routing and Plumbing Solutions

Empowering Efficiency and Innovation through Engineering : Your Complete Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Solutions Provider.

Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy, Smart Green Houses, and Telecommunication Solutions

Empowering a Sustainable Future : Energize and Connect with our Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy and Telecommunication Solutions.


Our Services


More About Saw Engineering!

SAW gained its reputation by providing High Quality Products and Services utilizing advanced technology. We are now graded CIDA C1 Building Contracting, EM1 in MEP and SP1 in interior designing with several foreign projects in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Maldives, India and Singapore. 

We constantly seek to drive new technological, eco-friendly innovations to protect the environment which is one of our foremost responsibilities. We believe that is our prime duty to ensure that the future generations will inherit this irreplaceable mother earth with its beauty intact and also to contribute towards current societal needs through our CSR projects.

Business Year
10 +
Satisfed Clients
230 +
Successfull Cases
1950 +
Pro Consultants
120 +


Our Portfolio

The Interior Designing Project for the Defence Headquarters Akuregoda

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Supply & Installation of Solar Power System for Mabima Factory

View Details

Supply, Delivery & Installation of Incineration Facility at the Island of Thilafushi, Maldives

View Details

Steel Structural Works of Segment Factory Shed Habarana

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Civil & MEP Works of Little England Project

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Rehabilitation of Underground Storm Water Drainage Network in Kandy

View Details

Supply and Installation of Smart Green House in Wennappuwa

View Details

Pipe Laying Project in Pathadumbara

View Details

Solid Waste Disposal System in BIA Katunayake

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client satisfaction

What happens when you partner with SAW Engineering?

When you hire SAW Engineering, we take the time to discuss your project goals. We listen proactively. We ask questions. We make sure that we understand your needs. Then, we strategize with you to complete your project within budget and on time. We become your partner and you become ours.

Excellence Standard

Quality Policy

We at SAW Engineering (Pvt) Ltd., Specializing in Civil, MEP, LPS, Water, Telecom, Renewable Energy & related Construction services dedicated to provide best quality products & services, that conforms the needs & expectations of our Customers’ in the operations of Business Activities.

We endeavor to make success of our business while managing our co-relationship with our valued customers, external providers, collaborative business partners, other regulatory bodies & communal entity.

We are committed to comply with ISO 9001 (QMS) requirements, prevailing statutory/ regulatory / legislative requirements & contractual requirements while carrying out of our business activities.

We are utilizing the best talented & highly motivated employee’s services, while empowering them & developing their abilities, competencies & attitudes in order to accomplish our business activities effectively & efficiently.

We strive for continual improvement aiming to maximize efficiency of the performance with a minimum wastage in line with effective process management, Technology, budget constrain & time acquiescence.


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